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Why do guys come on to me when they know I am dating someone?

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What is your middle name? Lily

What are you passionate about? Art, film, and humanity.

Zebra or leopard print? Zebra

Do you have any fears? My biggest fear is failure, but … I am afraid of a lot of things, heh.

Silver or gold? Gold

Top three places to visit: Canada (Victoria, BC), Norway, and Japan.

Where are you from? Boston

First career you wanted as a child: Teacher 

What’s your sign? Gemini

Future names of your children: Alice, Jaiden or Jade, Bradley, Aaron, Charles, Raven … I want 0-2 kids.

What are you listening to right now? Kansas - “Carry On Wayward Son”

Do you believe in fate/destiny? Yes, things just fall into place sooner or later. For better or worst.

What are your career goals? Make an impressive portfolio, and reach to being a great artist either in illustration, web design/development, or graphic design.

What is your favorite color? Red

What is your favorite flower? Should I say lillies? Heh. I really don’t have a favorite in particular.

What was the first concert/show you attended? My own orchestra concert, heck yeah.

Something you are working on right now: Web design homework.

Have you ever had a near-death experience? Depression hurts. Anyways, I have.

Are you a procrastinator or do you get things done early? It really depends whether or not I am driven.

Left or right handed? Left-handed, SON.

TV Shows and anime you watch regularly:  Supernatural, Parks N’ Rec, Bob’s Burger, Attack on Titan, Digimon ~ (currently)

Halloween costume idea for this year? I’m just gunna wear the same outfit … I paid too much to just wear it once. BUT IT’SA SECRET. 

What is your relationship status? Taken by a cute nerd.

Last movie you watched? Mary and Max.

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I like breasts as much as the next person, but it’s annoying when you have a button up shirt and it’s CONSTRICTING WHAT GOD GAVE YOU. 

"Move it or lose it, GRANDPA."

Me talking to my grandpa at work

2012 (c) Lily Tan

Done in MyPaint and Adobe Photoshop with Wacom Bamboo Tablet.

Critiques are appreciated.

khaaaaaaa replied to your post: Are you single?

Whoaaaaa since when give me deets

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Anonymous Asked:
Are you single?

My answer:

I am happily taken by a Magic playing Narutard named Justin Long :) 

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Anonymous Asked:
How often do you masturbate?

My answer:

Like once every day when I feel hot and bothered. So then I shove my whole fist down my mouth and penetrate down through my vagina.

Man, feels so good.

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takkuns Asked:
Dear future me

My answer:

Dear Future Me,

Don’t fuck up. 
Don’t self-doubt yourself.

Just remember when life gets you down:
You are the person you want to be.
Life isn’t perfect, but it gets better after it sucks. 

Always be curious,
always be positive (within reason). 

Don’t be lazy! Be creative!



P.S. Track down Edward Norton and marry him ♥ 

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I love my sister to death. She really outdone herself. I asked her for help in coloring a drawing I was going to use to submit to a contest and what she gave back in return was just amazing. I can’t fathom my feelings right now. It’s just so good. I’m at an all time high. I’m almost to the…

A 21 year old graphic designer living life in technicolor.

I've been told I'm rather odd but I kind of like it.

If you wanna know more, feel free to ask or start a chat.

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