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Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to do this as well.


  1. Last beverage = … tea heavily mixed with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
  2. Last phone call = Grandma lol
  3. Last text message = “Cambodians :||||”
  4. Last song listen to= "Good" - Better Than Erza
  5. Last time you cried= Last week when I felt my life was meaningless (feeling better though! Thank you friends.)


6. Dated someone twice= No.

7. Been cheated on= No, thank goodness.

8. Kissed someone and regretted it= Alex, ewwwww.

9. Lost someone special= Well I wish Tsuma was in America. (But no)

10. Been depressed= Yes

11. Been drunk and threw up= :( alcohol is AWFUL! I have once and this is why I dislike the DEVIL’S DRINK.


  • Red
  • Navy blue
  • Beige


15. Made a new friend = Not sure actually.
16. Fallen out of love = I have my cutiebear old man Alex ♥ ♥ ♥
17. Laughed until you cried =  All day every day!
18. Met someone who changed you = Not really …
19. Found out who your true friends are = Not last year? I’ve known them since high school ;)
20. Found out someone was talking about you = Who doesn’t talk about how cute and great Lily is u///u
21. Kissed anyone on your FB friend’s list = Ewwww Alex and ewww ex.


22. How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life = Like 90%. And some are from random websites and added friends from Dota! :)))
24. Do you have any pets = Fishy fishy~
25. Do you want to change your name = I wanna be Liliana Norton Bays! HOWEVER, I really like my name, a lot of people comment on how nice it is.
26. What did you do for your last birthday = Family dinner and cake.
27. What time did you wake up today = 9:30AM.
28. What were you doing at midnight last night = Dota.

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for = TO FINISH THIS AWFUL SEMESTER.
30. Last time you saw your Mother = September?
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = A better work schedule … T__T
32. What are you listening to right now = This gem.
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? = Gross.
34. What’s getting on your nerves right now = A couple of professors …
35. Most visited webpage = Facebook and Neopets
37. Nickname = Sweetie, Noob/Nub, Ching, Lil
38. Relationship Status = In a relationship with a NARUTARD
39. Zodiac sign = Gemini
40. He or She = She
41. Elementary = Paton
42. High School = SHS
43. College/University = UML
44. Hair color = Black like my soul B)
45. Long or short = long-ish?
46. Height = 10 feet tall (5’2”)
47. Do you have a crush on someone? = Cutest boyfriend~
48. What do you like about yourself? = HMMMMMMMMM I like my eyes and my “good vibes”
50. Tattoos = Hey now, you wouldn’t put a sticker on a Bentley, amirite.
51. Righty or lefty = Lefty 


52. First surgery = Oral surgeryy
53. First piercing = No piercing, too scared.
54. First best friend = Carolyn from my elementary school :)
55. First sport you joined = Hahaha
56. First vacation = Washington D.C. ? … I’uno.
58. First pair of trainers = HUH???????????


59. Eating = Human flesh.
60. Drinking = Alex’s tears.
61. I’m about to = Go to sleeeeep~
62. Listening to = None.
63. Waiting for = To hang out with Alex and to show dresses! uwu


64. Want kids? = Not really.
65. Get Married? = Don’t care for marriage.
66. Career? = Graphic designer / web designer


67. Lips or eyes = Both! Cute eyes and smiley lips.
68. Hugs or kisses = Gross, how about neither.
69. Shorter or taller = Anyone who is taller than me :)
70. Older or Younger = Older
71. Romantic or spontaneous = Romantic~
72. Nice stomach or nice arms= CUTE TUMMY.
73. Sensitive or loud = Hmmm … loud like Alex’s big fat mouth~
74. Hook-up or relationship = relationship
75. Trouble maker or hesitant = Alex is a trouble maker, but I love him ♥


76. Kissed a stranger = WELLLLL … Alex was a stranger and we kissed before we really dated/knew each other.
77. Drank hard liquor = Ew
78. Lost glasses/contacts = UMMM THIS GIRL HAS PERFECT VISION 
79. Sex on first date = NO. I am a prude.
80. Broke someone’s heart = Not like break up, but when I’m sad, my friends and boyfriend tell me it breaks their heart to see me cry …
81. Had your own heart broken = I never really loved anyone till Alex came along lol.
82. Been arrested = I’VE ENCOUNTERED POLICE FOUR TIMES … but no.
83. Turned someone down = Yes.
84. Cried when someone died = When Alex’s grandmother died, I cried so hard even though I didn’t know her too well.
85. Fallen for a friend = Yeah … 


86. Yourself = It’s okay now.
88. Love at first sight = Lust at first sight
89. Heaven = Sure
90. Santa Claus = Sure?
91. Kiss on the first date = u////////////////u
92. Angels = Castiel :)

I don’t really know a lot of people on Tumblr but you are free to do it! 


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Why do guys come on to me when they know I am dating someone?

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What is your middle name? Lily

What are you passionate about? Art, film, and humanity.

Zebra or leopard print? Zebra

Do you have any fears? My biggest fear is failure, but … I am afraid of a lot of things, heh.

Silver or gold? Gold

Top three places to visit: Canada (Victoria, BC), Norway, and Japan.

Where are you from? Boston

First career you wanted as a child: Teacher 

What’s your sign? Gemini

Future names of your children: Alice, Jaiden or Jade, Bradley, Aaron, Charles, Raven … I want 0-2 kids.

What are you listening to right now? Kansas - “Carry On Wayward Son”

Do you believe in fate/destiny? Yes, things just fall into place sooner or later. For better or worst.

What are your career goals? Make an impressive portfolio, and reach to being a great artist either in illustration, web design/development, or graphic design.

What is your favorite color? Red

What is your favorite flower? Should I say lillies? Heh. I really don’t have a favorite in particular.

What was the first concert/show you attended? My own orchestra concert, heck yeah.

Something you are working on right now: Web design homework.

Have you ever had a near-death experience? Depression hurts. Anyways, I have.

Are you a procrastinator or do you get things done early? It really depends whether or not I am driven.

Left or right handed? Left-handed, SON.

TV Shows and anime you watch regularly:  Supernatural, Parks N’ Rec, Bob’s Burger, Attack on Titan, Digimon ~ (currently)

Halloween costume idea for this year? I’m just gunna wear the same outfit … I paid too much to just wear it once. BUT IT’SA SECRET. 

What is your relationship status? Taken by a cute nerd.

Last movie you watched? Mary and Max.

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I like breasts as much as the next person, but it’s annoying when you have a button up shirt and it’s CONSTRICTING WHAT GOD GAVE YOU. 

"Move it or lose it, GRANDPA."

Me talking to my grandpa at work

2012 (c) Lily Tan

Done in MyPaint and Adobe Photoshop with Wacom Bamboo Tablet.

Critiques are appreciated.

khaaaaaaa replied to your post: Are you single?

Whoaaaaa since when give me deets

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Anonymous Asked:
Are you single?

My answer:

I am happily taken by a Magic playing Narutard named Justin Long :) 

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Anonymous Asked:
How often do you masturbate?

My answer:

Like once every day when I feel hot and bothered. So then I shove my whole fist down my mouth and penetrate down through my vagina.

Man, feels so good.

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A 21 year old graphic designer living life in technicolor.

I've been told I'm rather odd but I kind of like it.

If you wanna know more, feel free to ask or start a chat.

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